Guidelines for the 2018 Sara Sullivan Award  

The All Neighborhood Leaders Group made up of leaders from existing and forming neighborhood associations created this annual award in 2015 to recognize the outstanding contributions of an individual as demonstrated by Sara Sullivan.

The All Neighborhood Leaders Group affirms and promotes the support, preservation and betterment of our neighborhoods and the quality of life by the cooperation and collaboration of residents within our community understanding that people are our community's greatest asset.

The Sara Sullivan Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and exceptional contributions made by a City of La Crosse resident.  Anyone can nominate an individual for the Sara Sullivan Award if the nominator feels the actions of the nominee meet the values of the judging criteria.

Eligibility Requirements:
1.      Winner must be a resident of the City of La Crosse.
2.      Nominations require a completed nomination form.
3.      Entries must be received by 5 p.m. on September 20th

All nominations for the Sara Sullivan Award shall be judged on how closely they represent Sara’s dedication to Neighborhood Revitalization IN ANY OF the following areas:

1. Physical Revitalization/Beautification: Projects that focus on physical aspects of improving a neighborhood such as parks and green spaces, lighting, litter control, traffic management, housing improvements or business district enhancements.

2. Social Revitalization: Projects that focus on the social or cultural aspects of a neighborhood like safety, youth and/or senior programs, activities that make neighbors feel connected and foster neighbors working together like an ice cream social, holiday celebration or festival.

3. Multi-Neighborhood Partnerships: Projects that are jointly produced by a collaboration of at least two neighborhood associations, community organizations or groups of people in a partnership effort addressing either physical or social concerns.

Judging criteria:*
*The winner will be decided by a panel from the All Neighborhood Leader group and presented at the Fall in Love With Your Neighborhood - Family Social, October 2018.

Inclusion/Diversity: significant neighborhood and/or business involvement and cooperation with a diversity of participants.
Innovation:* creative and unique way to address the neighborhood(s) issue.

Community Benefit: action benefited the neighborhood (s) as a whole and addressed a need; it improved the health, safety and/or appearance of the neighborhood.  

Sustainability:  illustrated opportunities and a culture of self-sufficiency for the organization, environment, etc.

Leadership Development: encouraged, facilitated and provided opportunities for volunteers to take on leadership roles and develop new skills, and contribute to a project.
Start A Nomination Form
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Describe the nominee’s exceptional contributions to neighborhood revitalization.

Supporting documentation (letters of support, photographs, documents, etc.) may also be emailed to OR mailed to La Crosse Neighborhoods, Inc. PO Box 1661, La Crosse, WI  54602

Questions to consider:
1.      Why are the nominee’s actions exceptional or outstanding?
2.      Who was involved and who benefitted from the nominee’s actions?
3.      If other partners helped, who were they, and what role did they play?
4.      Describe the impact on the La Crosse Community by the nominee’s actions.
5.      How did the actions of the nominee contribute to neighborhood revitalization?


One last question:  Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

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